TOLTECATL Sale Price: $140.00 Nahuatl (wise one) In a dream, he appeared. En un sueño, aparecio. Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 2
ZAZANILLI Sale Price: $140.00 Nahuatl (story) En ti, encontré un cuento … In you, I found a story … Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 3
ONMITZITTACCA Sale Price: $130.00 Nahuatl (I had seen you) Te vi en mi sueño, y ahora aquí estás. I saw you in my dream, and now here you are. Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 4
ENOJADO Sale Price: $140.00 Spanish: Enojado; Angry Why are you so mad? Series: Wairpan Guitar No. 5
LAGRIMAS DE CULEBRAS Sale Price: $125.00 Spanish (snake tears) Snakes don't cry (but I do) Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 6
Nahualli Sale Price: $140.00 Nahuatl (warlock) Brujo porque to escondes? Warlock, why do you hide? Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 8
ANXIETY Sale Price: $125.00 Where is your strength, little one? Se te fue. Buscalo! Pero tengo miedo. Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 7
YE NECHCA Sale Price: $140.00 Nahuatl (A few days ago) A few days ago, I worried. Trust in yourself. Hace unos dias, me preocupe. Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 9
COYOTL Sale Price: $140.00 Nahuatl (Coyote) You will go hungry today. I'm not ready to be eaten. No comeras hoy. No estoy lista. Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 10
CUETLACHTLI Sale Price: $130.00 Nahutl (Lobo; Wolf) It's ok. You just forgot who you are. Embrace it and be stronger for it. Series: Wairpan Guitar no. 11

Series: Wairpan Guitars

En el principio, no sabia que iba a dibujar.  Pero poco por poco me recorde quen ira, quen soy, quien quiero ser.  Soy Salvadorena.  Soy madre.  Soy hija.  Soy hermana.  Soy esposa.  Soy amiga.  Estoy libre de la pesadilla.  Sobrevivire.  Soy Astrid Beatriz.  No me destruyeron.


In the beginning, I didn't know what I would draw.  I didn't know I could draw.  But, little by little, I remembered who I was, who I am, who I want to be.  I am Salvadoran.  I am a mother.  I am a daughter.  I am a sister.  I am a wife.  I am a friend.  I am free of the nightmare.  I survived.  I am Astrid Beatriz.  They did not destroy me.  I am me.


The Wairpan Guitar series use the guitar templates from luthier/husband Brent, who helped guide me and is ready to catch me.  The rest, is all me.


The originals are available, mostly framed and 20" wide x 30" tall and prints are also available of most of these.  Contact us for more info.