Atrum Kithara

Brent Furstner - Luthier

Luciana Furstner - Apprenctice


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Factory action set a little high? We can probably help with that.
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Setups, Re-strings, Basic Repairs, Parts and Modifications.

All work is estimated on a per project basis to give you as accurate and complete pricing as we can.  We are not a full service or factory certified repair shop at this time, but Brent is a graduate of the SE Tech Guitar Building and Repair Program. 

Here is some common work we do:

Basic questions:  Answers are free.

Ex. Can you install a vibrato on my acoustic? Yes. Would I? Probably not.

Bench Fee: $15 inspect your instrument, advise you on how it can (and cannot) be improved for tone and playability.  (Fee is applied toward parts and labor if you have work done at our shop.)

Ex. Can you tell me why my string pops off the saddle when I play my signature lick? Let's check it out.

Restring: standard electric or acoustic guitar with D'Addario strings $18

Basic setup electric guitar: Adjustment of truss rod, nut and saddle height, intonation, new D'Addario strings $50

Replace nuts and/or saddles. Variety of materials available, but standard is bone.

Electronics repair/upgrage Replace pickups, wiring, potentiometers, switches.  Repair noisy jacks.

Install/Replace tuning machines.

We have a small selection of parts: new and used.  We can order many parts with competitive pricing.

Ask us about custom pickguards, wood bridges or if you need custom wood parts for a build.