The Anxious Soldier
The Anxious Soldier Some days, all we can do is grit your teeth and smile to get through it.
Mayan Goddess Ix Chel
Mayan Goddess Ix Chel She is the Mayan Goddess of the moon, love, fertility, and medicine. Give thanks.
Determination Some days you are tired of being tired. Push aside the anxiety and the fear; get up and fight!
The Serpent Soldier
The Serpent Soldier The serpent can represent wisdom and power. The soldier is merely a vessel. How ill you decide to use the power - for good or evil? It's a decision we all face. What is your choice?
Sunrise No matter what we go through in our lives, no matter how long the night may last, the sun will always rise. Hold on long enough to get through and the sun will arrive to banish the shadows for a reprieve. Live to fight another day.
Coyote A shape-shifting God of music, pranks, and passion. Beware. Not all pranks and jokes are funny.
Friendship The crown is heavy. The weight of the world is heavy. Strive for calm. Travel the road of destiny with your faithful companion and the burden is lighter.

Series:  Indios En Mi Suenos

Loosely translated means "Indians in my dreams"

Each of these images came from a dream or a memory of mine.  I have seen them and in order to take control and change the dream, they needed to be put on paper.  They are now free to roam and have a purpose outside of the confinement of my dream state.