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Atrum Arte - Art, instruments, and more

Welcome to the web portal for our family's creations.

As a family of artists, we create many things (and repair some too). We would love to share them with you. We try to keep the website up to date, but mostly we seem to be best with Instagram @atrumarte and @atrumkithara. We normally try to get out to show our wares at various markets and on display in small locally owned businesses, but due to the current virus situation and our high risk factors, we are social distancing.

All items are handmade with a focus on quality and lessening our impact on the environment. We would love to meet in person as we enjoy seeing our customers face to face (currently behind a mask and six feet away) and we like to keep things local. We do offer local delivery and some items via postal delivery for those who can not connect with us in person or who want to send something to a friend or loved one.

You can always make an appointment to stop by and check out the musical instruments as some things just need to be tried.

little luthier

Little Luthier